VISTULIADA 2021 - registration form
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SECTION 1 - Bieruń Nowy - Kraków
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SECTION 2 - Kraków - Sandomierz
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SECTION 3 - Sandomierz - Warszawa
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SECTION 1 - optional foot trip to the sources of Vistula on Barania mountain (July 4)
TRANSPORT (separate charge, cost dependent on the number of participants)
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number of: people,
Warszawa – Bieruń Nowy (10.07.2021)
Kraków – Warszawa (17.07.2021)
Warszawa – Kraków (16.07.2021)
Sandomierz – Warszawa (25.07.2021)
Warszawa – Sandomierz (24.07.2021)
I, the undersigned, confirm that I have read the Participation Conditions which I hereby accept. I 
confirm that I take part in Vistuliada at my own risk. I confirm that I am in a good state of health, I 
am able to swim and I am capable of taking part in this type of event.
For foreign nationals: 
I confirm that I am in possession of a current insurance policy valid in Poland which covers also 
transport to my home country (the policy document should be carried on person).
I accept the publication of pictures, voice recordings, video recordings, quotations of myself, for 
non-commercial purposes, in TV, radio, film, press or other media, without compensation, for the 
purpose of promotion of Vistuliada and its purposes. 
When taking pictures or recordings I will respect privacy rights of all participants.
I confirm that I have read the information on personal data processing which I hereby accept.
Additional information for organizers: